Hire a remote developer

extend your team with proven knowledge

With all the technologies out there, development can feel like that terrible book with five-star Sudoku puzzles you just can’t solve. Even non specialized developers struggle with it. The reason is simple: you need to find the right people.

Our experienced developers as your technical puzzle solver

At Factor Blue, we’re able to deliver dedicated software developers to extend your current team and enrich your development capacity. No need to wait for recruiters to find the right person that fits your profile. Our developers are the perfect extension for your technology stack. Your go-to solution for Magento development, PHP programming, React, Vue, or other technologies. Not entry-level, but the five-star stuff.

In other words, we will keep the development engine of your organization running. Allow us to acquaint you with the Balkans, a remarkable region in Europe that offers excellent opportunities to build a strong development team. Our IT professionals and software engineers from Serbia are exceptionally skilled in their craft. Not only do they possess exceptional technical skills, but they also have remarkable English language proficiency and extensive experience working with clients from all over the world.

Advantages to hiring external resources

Firstly, it saves time and money, as the recruiting process is often time-consuming and costly. Hiring flexible resources means you have access to a wider pool of talent with specific skill sets, and you can scale your team up or down as per your project requirements. Additionally, working with external resources offers more flexibility in terms of project timelines and allows you to tap into expertise that may not be available in-house. You also reduce the risk of talent gaps and increase your team’s productivity, as the external resources are dedicated to your project and focused on delivering high-quality results.

Remote developer dedicated to your (ecommerce) project

Hiring a remote developer:

A remote developer as your one-man army:

Our awesome clients

They are all awesome. Moving along in the digital world is a joint effort. It’s an honor to work with:

Fiets Kwaliteit

We were looking for velocity and flexibility, because we want to scale-up our online business. Factor Blue was able to make development resources available quickly. Such a relief.

Dutch Retail Company

We were looking for one dedicated backend developer. Factor Blue helped us later on with a backend developer, two front-end developers, and partly quality assurance. That is saying something, isn't it?

Angelique Reijm, Freelance product owner

We were looking for velocity and flexibility, because we want to scale-up our online business. Factor Blue was able to make development resources available quickly. Such a relief.

ProudNerds, Magento department

We don’t just get some development resources from Factor Blue. No, for us it really feels like we’re getting an extra team member.”

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What our clients say

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about us.

Thinking about searching for resources yourself?

Don’t do it. With our expertise in the local market and community, our specialists identify and connect with the most qualified candidates and add them to our team to work for you. You don’t want to hire someone yourself without knowing the market and culture.


You just have to tell us what the developer’s tech stack needs to be and we will manage to connect the right person from our current development team or hire a new team member.

Hire a remote developer at Factor Blue

Fully briefed, supported, and equipped. It is like getting a new colleague, but without the inconvenience of searching and employing one.


We can do project management together, this way everyone is involved. You don’t have to worry about a workspace and equipment. As for the day-to-day business, we can go along with any communication channel or collaboration tools you work with. Or we connect you to ours.


Clearing the grid/paving the way for your puzzles to be solved in no time.

How much does it cost to hire a remote developer?

It is difficult to provide a definitive answer to this question without first understanding the specific needs of your organization. We determine an hourly rate based on the seniority of the developer, the duration of the contract, and the number of hours.


To give you an idea: hiring a medior experienced developer for fulltime for a period of 6 months will start from € 50.00 per hour.


How we make sure you get the right developer:

Needs and availability

What’s the problem you're trying to solve? What kind of ecommerce developer can meet your expectations? We start by analyzing your needs and our availability.

Selecting a remote developer

We make sure you get a developer that meets the required skills to solve the puzzles you’re dealing with. Even if we don’t have immediate availability within our own team.

Introducing in team

A developer should be and feel like part of your team. That’s why we do everything we can to make the developer feel at home in your team.


Is everyone happy with the cooperation? Every agreed period we check what is going well and whether we can improve on all aspects.

Get an experienced software developer

You don’t just need any developer or entry-level puzzle solver. You need a developer with proven experience. Your go-to solution for the complex platform, frameworks, and applications you deal with. No more nightmares about all the technical part.