Configurator and reliable webshop to achieve market leader ambitions.

Fully utilizing from both worlds, Magento for bulletproof shop, and a JS based web app for maximum customization options for one of the most unique needs: the advanced fuse box configurator.

Why Superflink works with Factor Blue

Superflink is a wholesale company of electric parts and modules, catering to the specific needs of customers. They were still running on Magento 1 platform, which left them behind the e-commerce trends and their competition.


“Having distanced myself from unprofessional ‘partners’ and online vulnerability as an entrepreneur, I discovered Factor Blue. They swiftly addressed immediate needs and successfully executed previously failed plans,” said Leo Karstel, the owner of Superflink.


The client was familiar with Magento, but needed to make technical products clear and understandable. Making the products fully informative and configurable was possible with the headless Vue JS web app. Bottom line, in order to create an exceptional presence, we needed to combine technologies.


Custom fuse box configurator

The client had a challenge to allow customers freedom to handpick each component of the fuse box. We created a Web App solution that allows every customer to drag and drop all the necessary parts that will be integrated into the electric board. Important is that there are more than 5.000 default fuse box configurations added to the configurator.

This unique functionality empowers customers to customize their desired electric module and conveniently place an order for a pre-built and fully assembled unit, streamlining the entire purchasing process. Customers can save earlier created fuse box configurations, reload them later, re-order them, change them, and download the visual(s) for the boxes.


Magento 2 as main datasource

There are more than 5000 boxes that can be bought from the webshop directly. Together with components that can be bought separately. We created a new Magento 2 frontend.

The connection between Magento and the configurator is tight. All the used data comes from Magento over the API. For this reason, we have extended the Magento API to add the functionalities we needed.

From the Magento environment, every existing fuse box can be opened in the configurator, changed, and placed as a customized order.

The goal from the beginning was to create a future-proof solution that would provide the client ultimate freedom to add as many new configurations and fuse boxes as he wants.

Overcoming the challenge

The drag-and-drop configurator solution on mobile devices was a challenge that made our developers go the extra mile to come up with a nice working solution. Because drag-and-drop gestures do not work on mobile devices.

Hence, we developed a fully new logic. It allows customers on mobile devices to click and select which specific fuse they want and where they want that fuse in the box to be inside the grid.

This custom solution allows the customers to preview, download an example, and also to save configurations that they made for re-opening it later.

Of course, the purpose of this web app in combination with the webshop is to increase revenue by making it easier to customize. Therefore, customers can use their mobile phones to purchase the desired products, anytime and anywhere.


Tailored B2B solutions

Superflink caters to two distinct customer segments: B2C and B2B. For B2B customers, it is crucial to ensure they receive their entitled “dealer” discounts. To address this requirement, we diligently focused on developing group discount functionalities that enable seamless application of discounts based on customer groups.

Additionally, we implemented price display options excluding value-added tax (VAT), ensuring transparency and accuracy in price representation for B2B customers. With these tailored solutions in place, Superflink can effectively cater to the specific needs of their B2B clientele. Moreover, they are providing a user-friendly and optimized e-commerce experience.

superflink foot

“All the previous vulnerabilities in the old webshop have been fixed by Factor Blue team, and we now have a new, professional shop and configurator ready for the years to come.”

Leo Karstel, at Superflink

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