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E-Commerce Evolution 2024: Riding the Tech Wave

Join us in this exploration of what's on the horizon that will redefine the e-commerce sphere in 2024. No crystal balls, just insightful analysis and a positive outlook on the transformative trends awaiting both B2C and B2B enterprises.
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Partnering with AR Your Commerce for AR and 3D visualization

AR and 3D visualization are transformative in e-commerce by bridging the gap between the digital and physical shopping experience. That's why we teamed up with AR Your Commerce - to boost your eCommerce performance by 200%.
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Unleashing the Power of LLMs in E-Commerce: Revolutionizing Online Growth

LLM is a type of machine learning model "trained" to use deep learning techniques and huge database across many natural-language tasks. E-commerce, customer service and conversational commerce in general are reaching new heights under its influence.
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8 Tips for Holiday Success in eCommerce

Imagine your webshop as the center stage of a grand performance, and these tech-savvy tips as your well-choreographed moves, ready to elevate your ecommerce game, ensuring every click, scroll, and checkout leads to holiday success.
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Factor Blue partnered with Hypernode to Boost eCommerce Performance

In today's competitive eCommerce landscape, having a robust and high-performing webshop is crucial for businesses to succeed. Among various hosting solutions available, we partnered with Hypernode - a powerful platform for hosting Magento webshops.
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Importance of a reliable hosting solution for webshop

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, having a reliable hosting solution is the foundation of your online business. Let's delve into the crucial role hosting plays and why it's an essential investment for your webshop's success.
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Composable Commerce – The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce

Today, ecommerce is all about the shopper experience and technology that can scale. Hence, composable commerce is a hot trend shaping the direction of online shopping.
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6 reasons why AI will shape the future of conversational commerce

We explored how AI can benefit conversational commerce and the specific advantages that can be gained from using AI in this context.
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Magenta Madness: Incorporating the color of the year into your Magento webshop design

"Magenta" is a color, while "Magento" is an e-commerce platform. The two of these are not related, but matching them together results with the distinctive and effective online webshop.
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Innovations in ecommerce you should know about in 2023

The innovations listed in this article are ranging from new technologies, business models, and marketing strategies. All with one goal – to improve the experience of your customers.
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