Creating happy moments with a new digital B2B landscape.

As a market leading company in the industry Shots, has a new digital B2B landscape, tailored with a Product Information Management system, e-commerce platform and seamless integration with their Business Central ERP.

Why Shots works with Factor Blue

“We needed a partner reliable to bring improvement in our digital landscape. And that’s how we get in touch with Factor Blue. Jesper, presenting the company, was from the start very proactive, and that’s what made Factor Blue stand out from the crowd. We got with Factor Blue a company that takes the lead and guides us in making decisions. The dedication and effort of the whole team is phenomenal”
Hein Schouten, CEO at Shots

The blueprint for a composable landscape

After a couple of meetings and brainstorms, we prepared together with Shots the blueprint of the wished new digital landscape. We talked about the current used system, customers’ wishes, and what implementations can bring new potential for Shots to grow further. For the backend, we chose to use the e-commerce market-leading platform Magento 2. Because the wishes and ambitions match the possibilities of this future-proof framework.


Going headless with the frontend by using Vue Storefront made the frontend independent. Separating the frontend from the backend gives a better performance. It doesn’t need to constantly communicate with the database because there is an API layer and caching mechanism in between. This choice was also important to achieve realtime customer-specific pricing and stock information from the Business Central ERP directly into the frontend.


The assortment with all the product data, is stored in the fully equipped Akeneo PIM solution and connected with Magento with a custom Alumio data layer solution. This holistic approach ensured a smooth transition and optimized functionality for our client and more importantly for their customers.

Seamless integrations

Central to this project’s success was the flawless integration with the ERP system: Microsoft Business Central. In the realm of developing drop-shipping solutions for e-commerce, our approach emphasizes integrated connectivity across platforms. We harmonized data directly coming from the ERP such as stock and pricing in the frontend together with static product data coming from the Magento backend.

The next integration is the Comrads DAM. This dynamic system securely houses organizes, and facilitates the sharing of all digital assets and media in the cloud. From images and videos to documents and brand files, everything finds its centralized home, streamlining accessibility and collaboration. We have connected this data with the Akeneo Product Information Management system.

“The e-commerce landscape changing rapidly, so scalability and flexibility are important. Besides the B2B platform for our retailers, we also have some brick-and-mortar shops. For this reason, we have targeted for one solution, one composable landscape that is connecting everything. And Factor Blue is a valuable partner for this.”
Supply Chain Director at Shots, Bart Peeters

Tailored product feeds solution

When developing a solution for customers who want to export data from the Shots assortment, we worked on an integrated approach for product feed connectivity with both stock and product data combined from the ERP system and the e-commerce platform. Every activated customer can use this functionality to export the whole or just a part of the catalog for their own needs.

We’re generating XML and CSV-based feeds that can be used in their e-commerce platforms or other systems.

Dropshipping orders and custom shipping

In order to simplify dropshipers’ ordering processes, we developed a custom solution. Clients seamlessly transmit their orders through our API to the sophisticated data hub solution we’ve precisely crafted.

These orders are processed as standard orders, but with a distinct drop shipment flag, ensuring efficient handling and fulfillment. This approach enhances order management, providing the Shots customers with a robust dropshipping order system that caters to their needs.

Further customization was a custom shipping integration flow. There are various shipping methods and each provides the logistics team with the exact calculation of how many boxes will be needed to fit all the ordered products. Based on the amount of boxes and the shipping distance, the customer gets the accurate shipment fee.

Fast ordering and salesperson logic

Clients can effortlessly compile a CSV spreadsheet with SKU numbers and corresponding quantities, facilitating a rapid addition of desired products to the cart. This functionality proves especially beneficial for Shots business clients accustomed to SKU-based ordering in large quantities.

It is also possible for the account managers to log in on behalf of their connected customers and place orders with their conditions. Also, private-label products can be ordered for specific customers. And all data is saved on the same platform.

“It is nice to have a partner that is proactive and knows about the best approaches. We got a digital landscape that reflects who we are and all the nice things that we create as a company.”

Hein Schouten, the CEO of Shots

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