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the technical ecommerce agency

We are Factor Blue: the technical ecommerce agency. For scale-ups and established businesses that are eager to optimize, improve and expand ecommerce operations. The agency that will help you become a standout player in your industry.

Working fast, not recklessly

The fact that ecommerce is changing fast and nonstop doesn’t mean that you have to go along with everything recklessly. That’s why we don’t just work for you, we work with you. Fast, but consciously. As equals, by sharing our thoughts, asking questions and challenging assumptions in our everyday work.

Whether it is through strategic advice, supporting you with an extra developer or providing a well-functioning ecommerce development team.

We help out with

  • development capacity (backend and frontend)
  • headless and PWA development
  • ecommerce automation and data personalization
  • connecting data through ERP, PIM, CRM, WMS and more
  • consultancy to align your ecommerce needs, team and processes

Meet Team Conscious (a.k.a. Factor Blue)

Ever heard of blue people being very precise? Well… yeah, that’s us. We’re a bunch of like-minded, tech savvy, entrepreneurial folk. Based in Serbia and The Netherlands. Complementing each other through experience, expertise and personality.

We like new challenges, hopefully you do too. Excited to work with us? Check our job offers.
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  • Jesper

  • Nebojša

    CTO & Full-stack Magento developer


  • Marija

    HR & Office Manager
  • Dragoslav

    Business development
  • Jovana

    Junior marketing manager
  • Arjan

    Sales & marketing

project management

  • Dave

    Project Manager / Product Owner
  • Bojan

    Project Manager / Scrum Master


  • Nenad

    Teamlead headless
  • Darko

    Backend developer
  • Lazar

    Junior backend developer
  • Dusan

    Junior backend developer
  • Ruslan P.

    Backend developer
  • Ruslan

    Backend developer
  • Petar

    Frontend developer
  • Stefan

    Frontend developer
  • Igor

    Junior frontend developer
  • Bojan

    Frontend developer
  • Nenad

    JS frontend developer
  • Nemanja

    JS frontend developer

quality assurance

  • Mladen

    QA Engineer

Working remote as a team

As the digital planet grows, the world we live in gets smaller. If there’s one thing the digital age is bringing us, it’s the chance to work with like-minded people all over the world. In our case: Serbia and The Netherlands. We believe that digitalization makes every border fictitious.

We’re not a collection of individuals, but a group. We rely on each other’s strengths. While acting independently, through self-learning and a very structured way of working. Selfless, robust and loyal to the group. Like elephants in a herd.

Dedicated development team

Finding the right ecommerce developers is hard. Building a well-functioning team is even more difficult. Save yourself the trouble. Get a development team that is already in tune with each other. Ready to make your engine roar.
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Dedicated ecommerce developer

Ecommerce technologies are complex. You won’t just need a developer for entry level puzzles. You need someone who can solve the five-star challenges. Say hello to the ecommerce developer, who eats your technical nightmares for breakfast.
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Crystal clear technical strategy

Technical strategy keeps you on track when the umpteenth innovation distracts you. While making you flexible when new opportunities arise. We help you define or refine a strategy for your online business. Crystal clear without using a crystal ball.
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