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We are there for scale-ups and established businesses that are eager to optimize, improve and expand their digital operations. The agency that will help you become a standout player in your industry.

Factor Blue supports agencies and corporates in an increasingly tight market of technical specialists.

‘Creating possibilities by sticking to the code’ is our philosophy because we are sure that sticking to the code ensures consistency, reliability, and compatibility with other systems. Creating possibilities, on the other hand, requires thinking outside the box and flexibility. That’s why our guiding principle combines creativity, adaptability to changing requirements, and absolute focus on development, all in order to achieve better outcomes.

We deliver development capacity and complete teams based on long-term collaborations. This includes top-notch guidance, project management, education, and everything that goes with it. Fluent, proactive communication and mutual trust form the basis of our services with technical excellence.

How it all started

Factor Blue was founded by our CEO, Jesper van den Bogaard, in 2010. He learned programming himself starting at the age of 13 and honed his skills while working commissioned by other companies. Recognizing the potential of the burgeoning e-commerce market, he observed that many companies struggled with the technical aspects of this business. In 2015, he decided to focus the company specifically on development, and this decision shaped Factor Blue into the company it is today. The first employee was hired in the Netherlands in 2016, and over the past seven years, Jesper has expanded the company, opening offices together with our CTO Nebojša in Serbia and builded the company to its current size.

Our services with technical excellence

Development team staffing

It is hard to create the right team of developers. Save yourself the trouble. We will facilitate your remote development team at our offices in Serbia. From sourcing to onboarding to extend or launch your team from scratch to achieve high-quality deliverables on time and within budget. Optional with consultancy and project management services. Ready to make your engine roar?
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High-performance e-commerce

We’re working with the world’s leading, scalable e-commerce solution for fast-growing businesses. Owing to its out-of-the-box features and customization capabilities, you need expertise to leverage it to its fullest. Here’s where we come in as certified Magento agency, Adobe solution partner and Hyvä silver partner. Up-to-date with the latest tech trends in the market and adapting them fast to our projects.
Magento development services

Data connectivity

Connectivity is more important than ever. Having synchronized processes and data across software and applications is critical in the new era. Creating separate connections with a lot of custom coding and a high development budget is history. With our data connectivity solutions, we can structure, monitor, and distribute data from one application to another application in a seamless way.
Connect everything with everything

Our awesome clients

They are all awesome. Moving along in the digital world is a joint effort. It’s an honor to work with:

Meet our team

Ever heard of blue people being very precise? Well… yeah, that’s us. We’re a bunch of like-minded, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial folk. Based in Serbia and The Netherlands. Complementing each other through experience, expertise, and personality.

We like new challenges, hopefully, you do too. Excited to work with us? Check our job offers.
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  • Jesper

    CEO & Sales
  • Nebojša

    CTO & Full-stack developer


  • Marija

    Human Resources
  • Sanja

    Office Manager
  • Jovana


project management

  • Bojan

    Project Manager & Scrum Master
  • Milomir

    Project Manager
  • Dave

    Project Manager WordPress


  • Sasa

    Data engineer
  • Stevan

    Data engineer
  • Sasha

    Backend developer
  • Miljan

    Backend developer
  • Nenad

    Teamlead headless/ Scrum Master
  • Oliver

    Hyvä/ JS frontend developer
  • Nikola

    Full-stack/ Hyvä developer
  • Nenad

    JS frontend developer
  • Nemanja

    JS frontend developer
  • Nenad

    Junior JS frontend developer
  • Stefan

    Frontend developer
  • Igor

    Frontend/ WordPress developer
  • Bojan

    Frontend/ WordPress developer
  • Josía

    Frontend/ WordPress developer

quality assurance

  • Mladen

    QA tester
  • Jovan

    QA tester

A team is much more than a collection of people

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