E-Commerce consultant

Extensive expertise in the online side of business

A solid 10+ years background in helping E-Commerce entrepreneurs to grow, increase traffic, connect data, extend revenue and build profits.

We’ve worked on consultancy projects for many types of businesses, from fast-growing startups in particular niches, to sites turning over 6-figures across multiple countries. These projects range from one-off audits to large site migration consultancy projects, to full Digital Transformation projects for companies looking to embrace e-commerce. Our platform experience gives us an understanding of what is and what is not possible, workarounds and processes that may be used to compensate for missing areas within your platform, and options available to improve functionality and data connectivity.

Our expertises

Platform selection

There are so many e-Commerce platforms out there. It is hard to choose the right platform. Our consultancy is focused to create a blueprint of your online business. Together with an outstanding knowledge of the market and knowledge of your business and clients, we are able to guide you in the labyrinth of platforms.

Data connectivity

Nothing is worse than data that is not connected to the software and tools you are using. Creating separate connections with a lot of custom coding and a high development budget is history. We can structure, monitor, and distribute data from one application to another application in a seamless way.

E-Commerce scaling

Scaling your business in e-Commerce to other countries and markets is interesting. But there are some things you need to take care of in considering this. Our e-Commerce consultant has experience in scaling up online businesses and can help you to create a plan to internationalize your company.

Technical consultancy

You want to add new functionality to your already existing e-Commerce environment. But where to start? What to create and more importantly how should it be built to be scalable in your business and connected to your organization’s structure and goals? We’re here to help you out and advice a technical partner or your in-house team.

Your dedicated e-Commerce consultant

Creating a blueprint of your online business, especially the technical part. Guiding you forward, knowing when to move and where to go. Always in the direction that suits your business’s best interest.
Yes, I want that blueprint

About us

We are Factor Blue. The technical ecommerce agency for scale-ups and established businesses who want to move along with focus in the fast changing world of ecommerce.

We don’t like dusty reports that end up in a desk drawer unread. We do like summarizing technical findings and strategic recommendations briefly and concisely. Some reference material, for you to brief your colleagues, team or agency you work with.

And for you, it’s good to know that we:

  • Total focus on technical ecommerce (yeah, we’re pretty hardcore)
  • You will not get lost in translation due to our tech-savviness (we’re also entrepreneurial, like you)
  • In-house full development stack (in case you need an developer or a development team for implementation).

Some final advice: stop randomly trying stuff

Define your technical ecommerce strategy with a consultant and keep refining it to let the engine run. You will love it when a well-planned strategy comes together.
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