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If there is one thing that has become apparent in the latest decade, it’s that technology is here to stay and that no industry or business can succeed without making use of technological advancements, especially in ecommerce.

If you are in business-to-business sales, there is a big chance that you already have a wealth of experience dealing with large companies. Undoubtedly, you know what it takes to do work at this level, and what the unique challenges are among the ranks of big businesses. For this reason alone, working through an B2B ecommerce platform is not just something you should take into consideration – it’s probably something that would be very beneficial for your company.

B2B advantages

Build a B2B ecommerce platform

A B2B e-commerce platform often requires different functionalities than a webshop that only sells to consumers. Factor Blue has built various modules that can be used specifically to facilitate these possibilities.

Our B2B Magento modules

B2B application process

Do you only want to grant access to B2B customers after approval? With this module, you can easily accept or reject account requests, along with making sure only the customers you want can order at your webshop.

Credit limit per customer

Do you want to offer the option to order by invoice? You can set a maximum amount per customer. When a customer reaches the limit, we only show other available payment options.

Information based on customer account

Hiding price and stock information for customers without an account. Or make it only possible to visit product pages when a customer is logged-in.

Quotation module

First requesting a quote for one or more products is possible with this module.  In fact, we enabled it through a simple application form.

Customer specific prices

Do you want to set up specific discounts or prices per customer? With this B2B module it is possible to manage your product prices per individual customer as well as per customer group.

Repeated orders

Do your customers often order the same thing? Give them the convenience by creating repeat orders. These can be fully managed by the customer from the customer account. Moreover, it can boost your sales.

Our awesome clients

They are all awesome. Moving along in the digital world is a joint effort. It’s an honor to work with:

Connect Magento with other systems

Factor Blue specializes in making connections with external systems such as various ERP, CRM, WMS, PIM and systems such as ACA and Magento POS solutions. This makes far-reaching chain integration possible.

Custom B2B functionality

Are you looking for specific functionalities that you have not seen above? We can develop every possible wish. Moreover, if it is interesting and can be used generically for other B2B customers, we can sometimes offer this module at a reduced rate.

Magento partner

We are certified Adobe Bronze Solution partner and have extensive experience with developing Magento solutions. In addition, we have certified Magento developers. We are able to create a well integrated D2C and B2B webshop platform where you can sell directly to customers and can also handle the B2B orders from within the same system.

Magento 2 Development team

Building your B2B ecommerce platform

We are ready to help you with your B2B ecommerce webshop strategy and development.