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International growth for Dutch market leader in parts for moped and scooters.

Technical knowledge, combined with a big assortment of more than 200.000 parts, together with the launch in 5 new countries ensures quick growth for Zandri.

Why Zandri works with Factor Blue

In 2020 the former development partner started moving the Zandri webshop from Magento 1 to Magento 2. There were a lot of difficulties and that is why Factor Blue was asked to help with that process.

"They were not scared to take over a webshop with a huge database and a lot of custom development that was done in the past. The first result was a good analysis and that gained our trust to start working with the Factor Blue team."

Part finder: fit’s on the scooter

Building a scooter with a specific type of engine, such as Piaggio Medley 125cc, requires around 2500-3000 different parts. In other words, a wide range of components is necessary to assemble a scooter with this particular engine. A spark plug that fits Medley also fits Piaggio Beverly and nothing else. We created a so-called ‘bridge’ between the scooter types and the actual products. This ‘bridge’ shows relations between specific products and fitting (motor)scooter models, which is why it’s beneficial.

Exploded view drawings

To make it easier for customers to find the right parts in this webshop with more than 200.000 products, we developed a custom solution.

We created this Magento embedded Vue.js application to view more than 9000 technical drawings connected to more than 250 scooter brands.

It has a real-time search option to find the right product on the drawing. Besides that, it is possible to check the technical drawing in detail, and also offers adequate alternatives that you can use. The application synchronizes the original and spare parts and checks the stock, and delivery time all over the Magento API.

We developed a multi-add-to-cart function to order multiple parts on the drawing in one go. This functionality increased the conversion rate of the Zandri webshop.

Custom Trustpilot integration and filtering

Trustpilot is a public platform with over 100 million customer reviews. This platform allows consumers to leave reviews for businesses, while also enabling businesses to respond to honest feedback.

Based on Zandri’s product reviews, we have created custom-made product sorting that by default shows the most valuable products according to the number of reviews on TrustPilot.

To make it fast we are not loading the TrustPilot reviews in real time. We have created a smart cache mechanism to grab the reviews for the products once per day and save them in the Magento database.

Zandri going international with Machine Learning translation

How do you launch international stores in 4 languages without having the translated content?

We have found the solution by creating a Magento module that sends product data proactive to Amazon Translate checks the result and adds synonyms to improve the translation quality. The system will automatically translate the updated product content for the other storeviews.

“For me, the most important thing in working with a supplier is trust. With Factor Blue, I have a trustworthy, honest team of developers that understand my needs. They are always there to overcome challenges I am facing as an ecommerce business owner.”

Niels van den Akker – Co-owner at Zandri

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