Turning a new leaf with a powerful headless e-commerce solution.

Dutch Leaf is the no.1 wholesaler specialized in smoking goods. Importer, exporter and manufacturer of private label brands with over 20 years of experience.

Why Dutch Leaf works with Factor Blue

“We were still running our business on the Magento 1 platform. We wanted and needed to migrate to Magento 2 for our B2B platform, Factor Blue came up with a perfect solution and shows from the start of the project extensive knowledge about the wholesale market ecommerce approach.”

More than 3000 products, implemented dealer registration and salesperson business logic, custom pricing and stock data are some of the key functionalities in the new webshop.


With using Vue Storefront as headless webshop frontend framework, we’ve created a shop that is user-friendly, has good performance and limitless possibilities for content management and marketing campaigns. With, as the ultimate result, higher conversion rates.


Salesperson functionality

Salespersons can create orders on behalf of their connected customers by logging in as them. The main benefit is that customer-agreed terms for pricing as well as shipping are applied directly.

There is a dashboard where a salesperson can see all the orders created for connected customers. And the customers can see created orders, status, and invoices coming from an externally connected API directly into the front-end.

After logging in, the system transfers the salesperson to the general front-end, where it creates a specific session and adds a unique salesperson token. After shopping, an order automatically gets parameters: a salesperson’s ID and flags it as a successful order. The system saves and sends all this information to the Exact ERP system connected to the webshop.

Powerful content management with Storyblok

We are using Storyblok, a content management system (CMS) that enriches the possibilities to create creative content and campaigns. We connected the API and all the pages and adapted all the elements to make them usable through Storyblok. Also, we had to modify all the elements in order to make them capable of being translatable.

Its advantage is in the possibility to easily edit, add, and remove all the content blocks and re-use them on other pages.


Law-specific warnings and restricted access

Because of country-specific law regulations, we created custom functionality to make sure customers see the correct warning information about non-smoking and health alerts.

Some products are not allowed to be shown to customers that are not in a specific Dutch Leaf customer group. For that reason, we created restricted categories that are only visible to certain logged-in users. Logged-in users can see those restricted categories, products, as well as product detail pages.


Advanced FAQ to reduce customer service requests

With the purpose to help customers get the needed information as quick as possible, as well as delivery and return policies, we created a FAQ pop-up, which is also completely manageable through Storyblok. All product detail pages have it, and it contains the most common questions customers have. This reduces the service requests for Dutch Leaf.

Turning simple products into variants

All the products in this store consist of a single SKU. But with a custom extension, we made them act like configurable products. We, in this case, enabled customers to select different product variations with their own price using drop-down lists. Customers can choose products based on color variants or general variants such as size, number of pieces per carton, etc.

Customer-specific tier pricing

In their old Magento store, Dutch Leaf had issues with displaying the correct prices on the category and detail pages. In contrast, this new one covers that.

Our customization and integration resolved this and now the customer is able to see their custom pricing information based on the customer-group and custom agreements they have with Dutch Leaf.


“After a year of dedicated work together, Factor Blue proved there was no need to worry about anything regarding the webshop. I don’t think this project would work out better with any other company. We are a really happy customer.”

Ludo Hasenbos,
Application Manager at Dutch Leaf

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