eCommerce consultancy and strategy

Crystal clear

eCommerce is changing fast, but you don’t have to go along with each and every capricious change. Responding to what matters to your business is of essence. A good technical strategy keeps you both focused and flexible.

eCommerce strategy missing?

eCommerce is hard work. Short-term obligations cry out for attention, and challenges pile up quickly. But what about your long-term plans?


Are you looking for ways to scale up your business to new countries or markets? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options for choosing the right eCommerce strategy and the platform?


When you do find the right platform, there is still a plethora of separate systems to work with. Making it even harder to connect the dots and personalize data. Forcing you to do a lot of time-intensive and error-prone manual work. Not to mention all the time you put in bug fixing, organizing and aligning your development team. If you have one.


Finding the right ecommerce strategy is hard

You spend your evenings reading countless articles. All of them instruct building a PWA or other best practice, choose to re-platform or go for other fancy hollow solutions.


Another option is to hire an expensive agency, which will translate your question (if you can even formulate it clearly) into an extensive report (with which you can probably do very little).


You try what your hairdresser’s cousin’s sister says is “the next big thing”. Or dabble with whatever your competitors are doing, without having the slightest clue whether it will work for you.


We are not suggesting that you are doing it wrong. We just think it can be done more efficiently.


What you need

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or what industry you work in. eCommerce works if you stick to a plan. A clear strategy keeps you on track when the umpteenth innovation distracts you. All the while making you flexible when new opportunities arise.

We help you get your technical eCommerce strategy right.

It is not complicated as it sounds. It boils down to creating clarity. In other words, knowing what to do and not to do:

Our awesome clients

They are all awesome. Moving along in the digital world is a joint effort. It’s an honor to work with:

Where we help you with?

Creating a blueprint of your online business, especially the technical part. Guiding you forward, knowing when to move and where to go. Surely, always in the direction that suits your business best interest.

About us

We are Factor Blue. The technical ecommerce agency for scale-ups and established businesses who want to move along with focus in the fast changing world of eCommerce.


We don’t like dusty reports that end up in a desk drawer unread. We do like summarizing technical findings as well as strategic recommendations briefly and concisely. Some reference material, for you to brief your colleagues, team or agency you work with.

And for you, it’s good to know that we:

Some final advice: stop randomly trying stuff

Define your technical eCommerce strategy and keep refining it to get your online engine running. Accordingly, you will love it when a well-planned strategy comes together.