Putting your data in the right gear

Connect anything to anything with an API-driven Integration Platform As a Service Alumio, to collect, normalize your data and connect all your applications and software.

There is nothing worse than a spaghetti of different applications and software that are not well-connected with each other. Not to mention applications that do need such a big investment in custom code to be connected with other software. But there is a solution. With Alumio iPaas it is possible to integrate with standard and custom-created connectors. Thus, stop reinventing the wheel when a new application or software needs to be connected into your data landscape, and put it in the right gear.

Why to choose for Alumio

  • Keep your data up to date, across different applications always and everywhere
  • There are already a lot of predefined connectors
  • Have actual insights in dataflows and determine issues across the applications faster
  • Create custom connectors for any system or platform you want to connect

Why to connect with Alumio

A wide range of features

Alumio has a wide range of features, that gives the ability to create, maintain, and monitor your integrations through a graphical user interface. Moreover, connecting third-party software and relations.

Troubleshooting can become a problem

Imagine having a lot of different applications and problems are not being notified and are troublesome to resolve. Under those circumstances, you might end up with lost data and disappointed customers or employees, which are detrimental to businesses.

Mapping of data is important

The ‘Mapping Features’ in Alumio enable the mapping or transformation of “data”, so that system A’s data output matches the ‘format’ that system B is able to process. Of course, the correct mapping structure is key for smooth processes.

The time to market is important

As a matter of fact, timing is crucial. After all, you do not want to spend a lot of time and money on another integration. Alumio has a lot of out-of-the-box integrations that are ready to be used. It is only important how you structure it and make sure all data hits the right target.

Thousands of transactions per second

Alumio delivers a high-performance horizontal and vertical scalable single-tenant infrastructure that is ready to connect applications with and without an API infrastructure. Organizations across industries trust on Alumio’s iPaaS to deliver 100% uptime, also process thousands of transactions per second, and support thousands of Alumio’s Single Tenant hosted environments.

What do you want to connect?

It is important to create a blueprint of your current applications. We are guiding you forward, knowing when to move and where to go. Surely, always in the direction that suits your business’s best interest.
Yes, I want to check the possibilities

Connect everything with everything

Actually, it doesn’t matter what type of data you want to connect. Once the application or software has an API (Application Programming Interface) or is able to export and import data by another way, it is possible to connect it. Some examples of eCommerce, ERP and other applications are shown on the wheel do have out-of-the-box connectors.


Choose the right strategy and go for it

In order to start with the integration of applications and dataflows across systems, it is highly important to make sure the processes of your company and the purpose of each and every application are clear. At Factor Blue, we help you with:

  • Structuring the data landscape and creating a technical strategy for your dataflow;
  • Set up the connections and data mapping in Alumio;
  • The man-in-the-middle for communication with all your application vendors;
  • Monitor your connections and act when a potential problem occurs.

Our awesome clients

They are all awesome. Moving along in the digital world is a joint effort. It’s an honor to work with:

This is our roadmap:

Understanding your data landscape

The first thing we will do is analyze the current applications and software that is in use. Together we will create a technical overview of all the processes.

Put the data in the right gear

What will follow is detailed advice about how the dataflow structure should be built in the most efficient way. To make create the most desired situation that will fit your company's goals.

Collect project requirements

Once we have collected all the needed dataflows and connections we deliver a technical report in order to start the integration process.

Form the team

Based on the project scope we will form the team that will work on the integrations. The technical team lead will take care of the tasks together with the team members. We will follow the scrum principles.

Reviewing and adjusting

Integration and data are constantly evolving processes. We collaborate and reflect regularly, ensuring everyone involved stays satisfied and productive. Striving for the perfect lap.

Talk with a consultant

We would like to know more about your challenges in regard to connecting applications and data across applications.
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