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Mr Maria

Mr Maria light up stars with an enlightened B2C webshop powered by Hyvä.

Through meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions, we successfully transformed our client's digital presence. Matching Hyvä theme and Magento 2 platform resulted in the creation of a sophisticated and high-performing webshop that exceeds industry standards.

Why Mr Maria works with Factor Blue

"Our idea was to end up with a B2C webshop that will adequately represent the aesthetics of Mr Maria's products, along with being user-friendly and reliable. We were looking for a solution that will be a wonderful symbiosis between our appealing design and a powerful Magento 2 platform. And Factor Blue did not only do that, but also exceeded our expectations."

Elevating Aesthetics and Performance

The Hyvä theme proved to be a game-changer, offering a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and performance optimization. With its mobile-frist design and Tailwind CSS, the Hyvä theme is enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Hyvä Checkout: Simplifying Transactions

The implementation of Hyvä Checkout with its VanillaJS, streamlined the entire transaction process, offering customers a frictionless journey from cart to completion. We wrote additional Java scripts which follow the chosen country.
For the Netherlands and Belgium, the checkout requires three address fields, while for the remaining countries, only one address field is necessary.

Using connections, the client can transfers data files from Magento backend directly to the PostNL warehouse. By optimizing the checkout flow and reducing unnecessary steps, we elevated conversion rates and minimized cart abandonment, driving revenue growth for Mr Maria.

Variations in Simple Products: Enhancing Product Flexibility

With Amasty related products’ extension, we empowered our client to showcase simple products in variations with ease. We leveraged the robust capabilities of the Hyvä theme to create a custom attribute that connects related products and ensures they are displayed together. This is providing shoppers with a personalized shopping experience tailored to their preferences.

CMS: Embracing Custom Design with Page Builder

In adherence to the client’s vision, our team seamlessly integrated custom design elements using the Magento Page Builder.

Installing Amasty Modules for layer navigation wasn’t enough. Originally designed CMS pages weren’t editable via Page Builder in Magento admin. For example, we couldn’t insert vectors through Page Builder.

The customization led to CMS pages that the client can easily operate. By creating the entirely custom functions, defining classes and forcing through CSS, we translated the client’s brand identity into a visually stunning web presence.

Additionally, it resulted in a webshop that captures the essence of Mr Maria’s unique offerings and enhances brand perception.

Script Optimization: Maximizing Performance

To ensure optimal performance and minimal overhead, our development approach prioritized script optimization. The challenge we encountered was receiving over 20 scripts, all packed in one file, that we could only manipulate through Webpack. By judiciously selecting only about 30% of those scripts, and of course optimizing them, our developers overcame this challenge. Hence, we achieved a lean and efficient webshop, minimizing load times and enhancing user experience across devices and platforms.

Widgets: Creating Tailored User Experiences

In pursuit of a user-centric approach, we developed custom widgets from scratch to enhance user engagement and functionality.

The multilingual slide widget on a home page, for instance, was entirely custom-made, with configured light and dark theme modes. Additionally, it can be forwarded and used on any other page, as well as any part of the page. Moreover, those modifications can be done by the client himself, through pre-defined parameters, without the need to change any coding.
Lookbook was supposed to be a simple thing – installing an extension. Unfortunately, it was anything but simple. This extension, particularly, wasn’t allowing the client to easily choose where to locate the marker dots wherever they want. That’s why we developed a widget that is user-friendly and responsive.

By creating intuitive and user-friendly widgets, we facilitated seamless navigation and interaction. This empowered Mr Maria to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

“Factor Blue exceeded our expectations with our B2C webshop, where others fell short. Thanks to their stellar work, we’re now confident to go global!”

Anush Martirossian, CEO of Mr Maria

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