Turning a shop to headless and new product designer for Naamborden.

A modern JS frontend framework combined with the most populair CMS resulted in a D2C shop providing immersive browsing experience, product customization options and seamless navigation.

Why Camfy works with Factor Blue

“We selected Factor Blue as our technical partner based on a strong recommendation from a trusted business partner and friend,” said Lek Bitic from Camfy. “The first meetings not only demonstrated Factor Blue’s competence and know-how about custom software development, but also highlighted their commitment to building lasting client relationships. This alignment in vision and the assurance of a collaborative and enduring partnership were pivotal factors in our decision to choose Factor Blue.”


“Camfy is a testament to the team’s dedication and skill. It reflects our initial vision coupled with enhancements that contribute to a seamless user experience. Factor Blue’s proactive approach and willingness to go the extra mile to improve upon ideas, make them a standout partner in the successful launch of our web app,” Lek added.

Flawless backend

In our quest to ensure excellence in the online user experience and elevate web app performance when booking a photographer, we turned to the powerful capabilities of Laravel. This PHP framework, known for its elegance and adaptability, became the linchpin for creating a scalable and secure web application.


Harnessing Laravel’s innate tools, we systematically optimized the Camfy site for peak performance. This involved integrating efficient caching mechanisms and fine-tuning database queries to minimize load times, all while leveraging Laravel’s robust security features to safeguard customer data.


Laravel emerged as the ideal choice for backend development, aligning seamlessly with project requirements.

Harmonious fusion

On the frontend, we seamlessly integrated Nuxt.js. This JavaScript is a framework celebrated for its synergy with Laravel and its knack for crafting dynamic user interfaces.


Nuxt.js offers a modular architecture that allows it to easily extend its functionalities using modules. With Nuxt.js in play, our frontend developers curated a polished and intuitive user interface that seamlessly complemented the Laravel backend. The result? A harmonious fusion ensuring engaging user experience.


“The team provided invaluable support in refining and improving some of our ideas. Moreover, translating the ideas into a mobile web app that not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to optimizing user usability was evident throughout the development process.”

Web app signup form

A dedication to a user-centric approach allowed for the creation of an SPA (single page application) that captivates aesthetically. Not only that, but also provides an intuitive and smooth experience.


In crafting the Camfy web app, the research prioritized optimizing the signup/login process for a seamless user experience. Streamlining was key, achieved by keeping only important form fields and eliminating unnecessary inputs. A signup form is ensuring that a potential client gets all essential information accurately. Of course, the ultimate goal to establish simplicity and efficiency in user interactions.


Booking a photographer

This web app is developed for those in need to find a visual artist to cover the important event or to simply capture fun moments while traveling. Finding and booking a photographer or videographer is now just a few clicks away.

Camfy is connecting clients with the fitting visual artist based on the detailed form that is being filled. When booking an artist, a client can choose a specific time and location. Moreover, there is a choice of a certain photography niche, as well as the budget.

Minimalistic design together with clear application sheets make this web app user-friendly and sophisticated and provides an immersive user experience.

“This partnership goes beyond a typical client-vendor relationship – Factor Blue has become an integral part of our business, akin to family and friends.”

Lek Bitic – owner at Camfy

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