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Dedicated Magento development capacity

Looking for Magento specialists? We are there to get that engine running, straightaway. We have a team of experienced Magento developers. In either case, frontend, backend and project management we have it all in-house.

Years of empowering e-commerce have made Magento the most popular platform for eCommerce solutions. Its strong inclination to creating unlimited possibilities for companies growth and has millions of merchants that are using the platform. Besides, the Magento community is impressive. As Magento adheres to the idea of scalability, it continually grows with the needs of the online market.


Because of a big focus on extension development in all the different branches of Magento, we have vast experience with everything in the Magento ecosystem and also know the best practices for any possible implementation. Our Magento developers build new, and equally important, support and improve existing code. Magento developers can be divided into three main groups namely frontend, backend and full-stack Magento developers:

Magento frontend developers

The frontend Magento developer builds Magento themes based on a graphic design and implements functionality that is visible to the visitor. Not to mention, we can build a ‘traditional’ Magento theme, or we can work with the most modern headless Magento frameworks as Magento PWA Studio and VueStorefront.

Magento backend developers

Unfortunately, Magento is almost never a 100% fit. There is, actually, a lot of work to integrate different system and functionality. This is where the Magento backend developer comes in the game. The backend developer will create new functionality within the Magento platform to fulfill the needs.

Full-stack Magento developers

You can call it, for example, a “Magento superstar”. This developer can cover both frontend and backend related Magento tasks. The full-stack Magento developer has most often a leading role when it comes to Magento development in teams.

Our Magento resource options

Searching for temporary development capacity

Are you at the moment looking for temporary reinforcement for your Magento project? For instance, to give the development process a boost? We can provide a programmer who can support your team in completing the assignment, in due time.

A team of Magento developers

Are you looking for more capacity? We can, hence, supply a team of Magento programmers from two people. This is already starting at three months on a full-time basis. Completely independently or together with your existing team, whatever fits your needs.

Dedicated programmer for your webshop

One or more programmers who can work from 16 hours a week only for your Magento webshop? We can support your webshop with the necessary development capacity, without delay. With this in mind, you can just focus on selling.

Project management and advice

Looking for the right way to shape your project? Likewise, need advice? Our extensive knowledge of Magento makes it possible to carry out project management at a detailed level in order to make your Magento project a success.

What does a Magento developer cost?

The hourly rate of a Magento developer at Factor Blue depends. For example, the number of hours, contract duration and the desired experience.


We can conclude an hourly rate when we know: the total number of hours in combination with the period. We would be happy to discuss a proposal that suits your needs.

Magento partner

We are certified Adobe Bronze Solution partner and have extensive experience with developing Magento solutions. In addition, we have certified Magento developers.

Magento 2 Development team

White-label for your agency

Our programmers are used to working according to the white-label principle. We provide the services that you can then provide to your end customer. Without them having to be aware of it.

We will do the selection and possibly recruiting of your team. Ultimately, you choose the right people and we provide (internal) training if necessary.

A dedicated team that is fully tailored to your wishes in terms of skills and work experience. Who like to think along, learn and celebrate successes.

At busy times, we can scale up more easily when necessary due to a high degree of flexibility. And scale down again when less capacity is needed.

With project management in English and Dutch, we ensure the right communication between client and developers. With the aim of a long-term cooperation.

Hire Magento developers

Together we put together the right team of Magento programmers to realize your ecommerce ambitions.