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How to choose an ecommerce agency

The guide on choosing a compatible ecommerce agency to partner with and get much needed help in achieving your digital goals.

E-commerce is not an industry; e-commerce is a tactic.

Tobias Lütke

After the pandemics’ lockdown, the interest in online shopping has boomed. Due to the convenience of making a purchase with just a few clicks, the e-retail sales surpassed 5.3 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2021. According to statista.com, the digits are going wild! The forecasts indicate that by 2026 the retail ecommerce market worldwide will make up to 8.1 trillion U.S. dollars. They also predict that the ecommerce is going to make up to an impressive 24% of global retail sales by 2026.


Yes, the numbers of online sales are increasing. However, a significant number of visitors leave the website before purchasing anything, and that number has been gradually rising to almost 70 percent in 2021. The reasons for abandoned online purchases are additional costs, taxes, fees, but people are also drawn back by errors on the website, total order cost not being calculated right away, too long checkout process, etc.


Two heads are better than one, so reaching out for the help of an ecommerce agency is a usual thing. That’s why choosing the right agency to be in charge of your online webshop is of a great importance.

What is an ecommerce agency?

These companies specialize in assisting businesses thrive in the online retails space through ecommerce platforms or their own websites. Ecommerce agencies can provide a variety of services and expertise. The range of services includes: website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing and advertising, consulting, and more.

What is the main feature of ecommerce agencies?

Their main feature is their competence to help businesses handle the complex and never-ending evolution of the world of online commerce.

Ecommerce agencies usually have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about the most recent trends and best practices in online retail. With their knowledge and resources, ecommerce agencies can grease the wheels of online businesses in so many aspects. They can help in reaching the goals, engaging with the target market, improving the online visibility and webshop performance… Depending on particular needs, they can build a new online store or optimize an existing one. Hence, the outcome of their services is the increase in sales and revenue.

Of course, not all the agencies cover all areas and meet everyone’s expectations. That’s why when choosing an ecommerce agency, it’s equally important to consider their experience and track record, as well as the specific services they offer.

What areas can an ecommerce agency help with?

Partnering with an ecommerce agency can be a valuable investment for businesses aiming to grow and succeed in the online retail universe. However, it is important to make sure that the agency is a good fit for the business and its goals.


Here are five specific areas that ecommerce agencies can bring the improvement to:

Website design:

They can create an attractive and user-friendly website that looks great on different devices and screen sizes. Also, if needed, they can redesign your current site in order to provide an appealing shopping experience to the customers.


Website development:

The team within the ecommerce agency can develop the webshop and assure it is optimized for conversions. They can also be assigned to integrate the webshop with other systems and platforms, such as payment processors, shipping and fulfillment services, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.


Ecommerce agencies can offer improvement of the search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to the website through SEO strategies.


They can help businesses develop and execute marketing campaigns. A well-structured plan of promotions will reach and engage the target audience, whether through social media, email, or other channels.

Sales and customer service:

Ecommerce agencies can step in and manage the online sales and customer service operations of businesses, including order fulfillment and returns.


Overall, ecommerce agencies can provide a range of valuable support and expertise to businesses looking to succeed in the world of online commerce. Making a choice will depend on identifying specific services and capabilities needed from an agency.

Tips on how to choose an ecommerce agency:

In order to be able to choose the right ecommerce agency to help your business on the way to success, there are a couple of steps that should be followed:

Set your goals and objectives

Before choosing an ecommerce agency to partner with, you should determine your short-term, as well as your long-term goals. After you clearly define your objectives and target audience, those goals would be used as a starting point for developing the strategic plan. Implementing the strategy will ensure the competitive advantage of your online business.


Define your budget and schedule

Money doesn’t grow on trees, that’s the fact. So, you must be specific with the amount of this limited resource you are able to appoint for this cause. Being specific doesn’t mean being strict, of course. Because ecommerce is a continuous process that can encounter unplanned obstacles and maintenance in a longer period of time. In order to choose an agency that provides services you require, you must firstly assess what budget you have and what period of time you may need agency services for. Make sure you are aware that your newly developed webshop can’t be just left existing on its own.

Conduct research

Once you know what you are looking for, start conducting research on different ecommerce agencies. After verifying their credibility, you should look for the records of success with the clients within the same industry as yours. Aside from getting familiar with the information on the website of the agency, you could visit their brick-and-mortar office in case of proximity of their location. It would result in getting a clearer picture of how they operate and communicate with potential clients.

Ask for references and case studies

Before making a final decision, ask the agencies in your shortlist for references and case studies from past clients. In a careful consideration, you will get a sense of their skillfulness/competence/abilities and how they led other businesses to success.

Compare the cost

Of course, price tag is always an important factor to deal with. While getting the necessary information from multiple agencies, make sure to get the quotes, too. Comparing fees will add another column into your pro/con list. Higher hourly rate doesn’t guarantee expertise, while lower hourly rate doesn’t mean low quality services. You should carefully review all these aspects, when considering which ecommerce agency provides the best value for the money.

Communicate with the agency

Finally, open and straightforward communication with the agency you choose to team-up with is greatly important. In regard to avoiding any misunderstandings, make sure you are clear with explaining your goals and needs. Also, it is essential that you comprehend their process and timeline. Good communication with an Nederlandse eCommerce consultant is crucial in ensuring a successful partnership.

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