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Factor Blue partnered with Hypernode to Boost eCommerce Performance

In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, having a robust and high-performing webshop is crucial for businesses to succeed. Among various hosting solutions available, we partnered with Hypernode – a powerful platform for hosting Magento webshops.


About Hypernode

Hypernode has vast experience in hosting and over 2000 e-commerce customers. Besides, it is a number 1 in e-commerce hosting in the Netherlands with 96% in customer satisfaction. It is an all-in-one hosting platform which empowers businesses to optimize their online stores for exceptional customer experiences.


Since Factor Blue strives to always provide the best developing services and solutions, it is only logical why our agency partnered up with Hypernode.


This article looks not only through the benefits and features of Hypernode-hosted Magento webshops. We talked to those in charge of this partnership to get the 360 degrees view about our partnership.

Beginning of the partnership between Hypernode and Factor Blue?

The partnership between Hypernode and Factor Blue started after working on a successful customer case. “As an eCommerce hosting provider, we are always looking for ambitious development agencies to collaborate with. Correspondingly, we can offer customers the best solutions for eCommerce webshops.” – Dion van de Griend, the account manager at Hypernode.


The same was the point of view of the CEO at Factor Blue, Jesper van den Bogaard. “The ultimate goal is to meet unique requirements of the clients while delivering a best-of-breed eCommerce solution.

Core features or capabilities of partners?

Hypernode has been in the eCommerce market for over 20 years and is known for it’s optimized hosting platform and proactive and personal approach. Moreover, Hypernode investigates the needs of a customer and offers a suitable hosting solution for every webshop.


Factor Blue, on the other hand, lets the specialist do the hosting part, and focuses on the technical part of eCommerce projects. From data connectivity solutions, choosing the right platform to meet client’s requirements, to optimization of webshops, it is all covered.


As can be seen, collaboration between the developers and engineers, led to achieving the best experience and growth for Magento webshops.

“Our platform consists of maximum automations and features with the goal to make lives of developers and webshop owners much easier. We save them time, so they can focus on what really matters: improving their webshop.”


– Dion van de Griend,

What sets Hypernode apart from other Magento partners in the market?

The team at Factor Blue has enormous experience in developing Magento webshops. Not all the experiences were that good.


“We have had in the past some issues with hosting. It is not our core business, but it is part of services that we need to deliver towards our customers. We needed someone reliable, someone we can count on and stop worrying about the hosting part. Hypernode got that covered and aligned perfectly with our strategy.” – said Jesper.


Important to point out, Hypernode is a managed hosting provider with pure focus on eCommerce. With their experience in hosting Magento, Shopware or WooCommerce webshops, they offer a great solution for getting the best performance, proactive support, and security.


“We offer fully managed hosting, which means that we take over all hosting related matters. eCommerce environments that use our platform are closely monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by our technicians. It doesn’t only secure real-time access but also error logs and analysis. If anything goes wrong, Hypernode deals with it via automation as well as auto-healing processes. Thanks to smart automation, proactive attitude, and a continuous drive to improve – Hypernode distinguishes itself from its competitors.”

Developer-Friendly Environment

From the point of view of our development team, Hypernode is always a good choice. It provides a developer-friendly environment that enables seamless collaboration and efficient workflow. With tools like Git deployment, SSH access, and PHP version control, our developers can easily manage and deploy code changes, ensuring a smooth development process. Hypernode also offers integration with popular developer tools and frameworks, allowing developers to leverage their preferred technologies. This flexibility empowers developers to customize and optimize their Magento webshops to meet specific business requirements, delivering a tailored shopping experience to customers.


One of the developers at Factor Blue shared his thoughts on the importance of Hypernode in Magento webshop developing. “Most of our clients are from the Netherlands. Having a hosting partner with servers located in the same country leads to much better performance and stability. It also improves SEO rankings, since it directly affects website loading speed.”


In today’s digital age, the success of your online business hinges on the performance, scalability, security, and flexibility of your webshop. Undoubtedly, Hypernode-hosted Magento webshops provide an ideal solution. By harnessing the power of Hypernode, businesses can elevate their eCommerce operations, deliver exceptional customer experiences, also stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Embrace the future of webshop hosting with Hypernode and unlock the full potential of your Magento-powered online store.


Looking ahead, plans are to evolve together in delivery of optimized webshops and improving the eCommerce performance overall.


– Jesper van den Bogaard,
CEO at Factor Blue

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