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Partnering with AR Your Commerce for AR and 3D visualization

AR and 3D visualization are transformative in e-commerce by bridging the gap between the digital and physical shopping experience. That’s why we teamed up with AR Your Commerce – to boost your eCommerce performance by 200%.

Effectiveness of eCommerce trends

In the realm of eCommerce, visibility is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying ahead means riding the wave of internet technology trends to meet evolving audience expectations. AR and 3D visualization are not mere novelties; they’re indispensable elements shaping the future of online retail. These technologies offer the luxury of shopping from your couch while virtually trying on that trendy t-shirt or envisioning a new cabinet in your bedroom.

AR in eCommerce

AR enables users to virtually interact with products, try them on, or visualize how they fit into their lives. This heightened engagement isn’t just a gimmick; it directly and significantly influences purchasing decisions, fostering confidence and satisfaction. For instance, industry giant NIKE harnessed the power of AR in their 2019 online catalog. Looking ahead, the horizon of possibilities includes virtual reality showrooms, augmented reality in-home trials, and AI-driven real-time recommendations.

3D visualization in eCommerce

Another game-changer is 3D visualization. It elevates the online shopping experience by providing a realistic view of products. It transcends the limitations of static images, allowing customers to examine items from various angles and zoom in on intricate details. This level of detail enhances the customer’s understanding of the product and builds trust. IKEA set the precedent by incorporating 3D visualization into their product configurators, heralding a new era for enhanced customer experiences.

The advantages of integrating 3D models into eCommerce environments are multifaceted. It encompasses heightened customer engagement, minimized product returns, elevated conversion rates, and an overall bolstering of trust in the online shopping experience. Studies have shown that eCommerce businesses that employ 3D visualization mark a 94% conversion rate lift, on average.

A developer at Factor Blue offered insights on the significance of integrating AR and 3D visuals in e-commerce. “Staying current with the latest technology is vital to ensure you remain competitive. AR and 3D visualization in eCommerce elevate user experience, fostering customer trust by providing interactive and realistic product previews. All that is essential for enhancing brand credibility and driving online growth.”

Beginning of the partnership between AR Your Commerce and Factor Blue?

As Factor Blue is driven by results, we partner with companies that can bring some benefits for our customers. AR Your Commerce is exactly like that, so this partnership was the natural outcome.

The partnership between AR Your Commerce and Factor Blue was sparked with a common passion for creating a way to showcase products in a way that it almost feels you can touch it. “We both have the vision that 3D will take over images in the coming years. With the expertise of 3D, Augmented Reality and eCommerce all united, we are determined to help eCommerce brands take the next step in visualizing products.” – Roderick van der Stelt, founder at AR Your Commerce


The founder & CEO at Factor Blue, Jesper van den Bogaard, agrees with this way of thinking. “This partnership represents a strategic alliance to deliver unparalleled AR and 3D visual experienceselevating the standards of our services for our valued clients.”

Core features or capabilities of partners?

“AR Your Commerce, its core capabilities as an e-commerce partner lie in our proficiency in crafting immersive and interactive AR and 3D visualizations.”


Factor Blue, galvanized by innovation, joins closely with e-commerce entrepreneurs to enhance their online presence, boost customer engagement, and ultimately elevate their business from a technical perspective. It is all covered from data connectivity solutions to choosing the right platform to meet all clients’ requirements.


As a result, the collaboration between the talented developers on both sides leads to achieving the best experience for product visualization.

“We prioritize transparency and trust in every project, ensuring our clients feel confident in the transformative power of AR and 3D visualization for their brands.”


– Roderick van der Stelt,

AR Your Commerce

What sets AR Your Commerce apart from other companies in the market?

What distinguishes AR Your Commerce from other partners in the market is the unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR and 3D visualization. Their approach revolves around delivering tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge technologies into the e-commerce landscape including product configuration options.

“Our partnership significantly elevated our e-commerce solutions, enhancing customer engagement
and providing a competitive edge in the market.”


– Jesper van den Bogaard,
CEO at Factor Blue


Integrating AR and 3D visualization isn’t just an option—it’s a strategic necessity. Well, at least for the eCommerce entrepreneurs seeking to boost turnover and evolve the way of presenting their products.


These technologies go beyond conventional boundaries. It’s about staying relevant, meeting evolving customer expectations, and providing an unparalleled online shopping journey that fosters trust and loyalty. Factor Blue is an agency committed to empowering businesses. Therefore, we recognize the pivotal role of these technologies in driving success in the competitive world of eCommerce.

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